Here are the links for documents detailing the style rules and protocol requirements for writing articles for The News School. The second set of links are helpful documents to aid in your success. There is a contact list for management and teaching staff members of Frackle Media.

Finished Article Checklist
Condensed Style Guide
Third Person Chart
Image Rules and Regulations Guide
Writing Strong Viral Titles Lecture/Discussion
Titles and Subheadings; Protocol and AP Rules
“How Headlines Change the Way We Think”

Below are tools for grammar.

Nine Comma Rules
Grammar Mistakes Writers Should Avoid
Rules for Who, That, and Which
Alternate Words for Says/Said
Alternate Words to Use When Writing Political Articles
Words to Avoid
Easily Confused Words and Phrases
Transitional Words

If you try to open Google Documents and are told you need permission, ask for it and I will be notified. Once I give permission, you will have access. I’m not sure why this happens but it is infrequent. Let me, Cathy Milne-Ware, know if you need further assistance.

Extensions Needed

Split Screen Extension
Read Aloud Tool extension
TinEye Extension
Grammarly Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation Aid
Thesaurus and Dictionary Tool

Frackle Media Management and Teaching Staff